Top 5 Reasons to Choose a Travel Planner for Your Next Adventure

Hello, fellow travelers! Let’s continue our dive deep into the world of travel. Going on a trip, whatever the reason, is always exciting. But in the age of digital, well everything, you may wonder if there’s any point in using a travel agent. Why not just DIY your travels? Actually, there are many compelling reasons to let a professional handle your travel needs. Let’s talk about the top 5 reasons I think you should work with a travel agent for your next trip:

1. Expert Knowledge: When I talk about using a travel agent for your next trip, you’re probably thinking “it’s so easy to just go online and use the many of available online booking tools (i.e., Expedia or Booking)” to book your own vacation, and you’re right! There’s a ton of tools available to you to do it yourself, but it’s what travel agents can offer that online booking tools cannot.  Travel agents have vast knowledge about many different locations and types of vacations. Since travel agents aren’t governed by algorithms, I mean they’re real people, doing real research they have the ability to use their expertise to quickly filter and analyze the options and provide not only booked flights for you, but a truly personal curated experience.   The expert knowledge travel agents offers over online tools allows you to experience the best destination based on your preferences, while considering factors such as weather, local culture, and cost. 

2. Personalized Services: Travel Agents tailor your itinerary to your specific tastes and preferences. I know you’re thinking who knows you better than, well, you right? So why cant you personalize your own trip? Well, truth is, you absolutely can, but working with a travel agent frees up precious time that you could be spending dreaming about your upcoming trip instead of staring at screenfuls of confusing booking tools and websites.  How about those times that you can’t decide where to go? Or what if you’re not sure which hotel is best? What if you’re looking to enjoy a luxury spa, but also a destination that caters to adventure sports? Travel agents do all the research for you making sure your trip is personalized to you, and not just a generic response to an online prompt. 

3. Insider Perks & Accessibility: Travel agents have industry connections and insider knowledge that can not only enhance your trip with unique experiences but often allow for perks such as room upgrades or late checkout times. Believe it or not, travel agents can actually save you money. They have access to the best rates and are looking to ensure you get the most value for your dollar. Travel agents have the inside scoop on current promotions and deals that aren’t always available to the public. With access to hundreds of travel partners, to help you with your travel needs a travel agent to access thousands of different options to be able to successfully customize your experience.  

 4. Payment Plans: Book now, pay later! There are many reasons that come to mind why you may want to pay for travel in installments vs paying everything up from when you book. Whatever that reason is for you, a travel agent has the ability to book your travels in advance and allow you to pay over time.  At no additional cost to you, no signing up, no fees, no credit checks, just good ol’ business connections and access that travel agents have (see reason #3 🙂 ).  Generally, there is a deposit that’s due upon booking and a final payment date typically 30-45 days before land travel and 75-120 days prior to your sail date for cruises. With access to pay installments for travel, by booking with a travel agent, you have the flexibility to book well enough in advance allowing better access to early bird specials, saving over time or just having peace of mind that you know you’re booked and ready to go without something selling out before you’re ready to pay in full.

5. Peace of Mind: In an uncertain world, travel can sometimes include unforeseen turbulence. But, having a travel agent means you have a professional willing and able to navigate challenging situations and make necessary, time-sensitive decisions on your behalf. In case of any unforeseen issues, travel agents are a call away. Providing the right resources to you to assist in real-time problem solving for issues that may arise during your trip.  A travel agent can support you in resolving these issues and ensure you aren’t left dealing with it alone.  Perhaps the number one benefit of hiring a travel agent is peace of mind. Knowing that an experienced professional has your trip in hand, you can worry less about the logistics and focus more on enjoying your adventure. Planning a trip can be overwhelming. Travel agents eliminate this stress by managing everything from flights and hotels to excursions and other recommendations, ensuring that your trip is truly a time for you to enjoy. All you need to do is pack your bags and go!

So, is a travel agent worth it? Absolutely. Not only can we help save you time and money, but offer services that go well beyond just booking the flight. We’re here to be your travel partner, supporting you from the moment you reach out to when you choose a destination all the way to the moment you safely return home. For a smooth and enjoyable journey, we’re the way to go! So next time you’re set for an adventure, consider reaching out to us at Wanderlust Unlocked. You’ll be glad you did!

Until the next time we wander together, safe travels! ♥Mel

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